Weekend in Review

We had a pretty low key weekend here, and got some much needed things done around the house.  Friday night the hubby and I watched some tv, and had fajitas for dinner.  They were so tasty.  Friday night while laying in bed after the hubby had already fallen asleep, I decided to browse Pinterest.  We all know that’s pretty dangerous, right?  As I was browsing, I was loving all the organized kitchen cabinets, and all of the tips and trick on how to get everything organized.

Saturday morning, I woke up and was doing my morning ritual when my husband started taking all of the cups out of the cabinets.  I asked him what he was doing in which he answered that he was organizing them.  It’s like he could read my mind, because that was on my agenda for the day.  We ended up pulling everything out of the cabinet and organized every drawer.   I even wiped down all of the cabinet fronts.  Sometimes you just need to do a little deep cleaning/organizing and Saturday was that day.  I ended up cleaning all of the main living area from the floors, to baseboards all the way to cleaning my light fixtures.

I wish I could say that I was done when cleaning, but then I decided to make some chex mix. (I’ll share that recipe later.)

And some chex mix I made….


My husband’s statement was – Did you make Chex Mix for all of Birmingham?

This was a NEW recipe, and I had no clue it actually made that much.

Then on Sunday, we decided that we should finally take down the Christmas lights that were still on our home outside.  Eeekk.. We aren’t one of those neighbors! The weather had been ridiculously cold here, and we just can’t afford to get sick.  The hubby was already feeling a little under the weather.


 A couple other things that I did this weekend was the usual laundry, oh and installing a fantastic site which I will share with you later this week, and relaxing.

Hope you all had a great weekend as much as I did!


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