10 Easy Steps to Biste’

I already know what your thinking…. What the heck is Biste right?

Well, I had the same question when my husband was telling me about a recipe that his mom use to prepare.  Here is a little back story: My mother in law is part Panamanian and her mother is full Panamanian.  She is able to share so many authentic recipes with me that are just to die for.  When my husband requested this, I was quire the skeptic, but called his mother to get the recipe instead.  I don’t love a recipe with chunks of tomatoes, but I loved this recipe.  So today, I thought I would share an authentic Panamanian dish from my home to yours….


Ingredients Needed:

Thin Steak – I used Steak Milanese

Can of Tomato Sauce

Can of Diced Tomatoes

Worcestershire Sauce

Vinegar – any kind

Yellow Onion

Cloves Garlic

Brown Rice


1.) First thing you are going to do is season you steak whether it’s just salt and pepper or your favorite meat seasoning.  I used Tony Chachere’s.

2.) Put steak on grill.  It will only take a minute or two on each side since it’s so thin.  Don’t want to use the grill, you can also use a skillet just to brown the meat on both sides.

3.) Once meat is done, you can put it aside and let it rest.

4.) Dice up your onion and your cloves of garlic.  (I don’t measure so with that said about half of an onion diced and 3 or 4 cloves of garlic.

5.) Put garlic and onion in a saute pan, and let simmer till transparent.

6.) Once transparent, add can of tomato sauce and can of diced tomatoes with a little salt and pepper.

7.) Add a dash of Worcestershire sauce and vinegar.  A little bit will do ya.

8.) Stir all together, and let all of those flavor simmer for about 5 minutes.

9.) Add your steak to the tomato mixture, and let simmer while you prep you rice.

10.) You can use either white or brown rice.


Have you ever tried a Panamanian dish? or any other ethnic food?



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