30 Days of Gratitude

Gratitude: n. the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. (Webster)

We just finished a series at church on Gratitude, and our pastor challenged us to share something for last 30 days on something that we were grateful for whether it be people, experiences, seasons or things God has done for us. This was a wonderful challenge that I thoroughly enjoyed participating in. Here is what I was Grateful for in the month of November 2014 despite all the changes and things that I faced:

Day 1: Grateful for a supportive husband when everything seems to be falling apart!
Day 2: Grateful for my Godly parents.
Day 3: Grateful for True Friends!
Day 4: Grateful for God opening doors.
Day 5: Grateful for puppy love from Aidy and Sophia.
Day 6: Grateful for unanswered prayers.
Day 7: Grateful for girl time with my Mom. Much needed!
Day 8: Grateful for a step dad that has always been there for me like a Dad!
Day 9: Grateful for my husband! I don’t tell him THANK YOU enough!
Day 10: So Grateful to be an American. Grateful for all who have served and are currently serving.
Day 11: Grateful for a night with friends. It was much needed. Feel so special that I was thought of Stephanie!
Day 12: Grateful for a Beautiful Day
Day 13: Grateful for a husband that is supportive regardless.
Day 14: Grateful for opportunities on the web.
Day 15: Grateful for where I grew up.
Day 16: Grateful for a means of transportation.
Day 17: Grateful for God’s presence.
Day 18: Grateful for a Warm Home in this frigid weather.
Day 19: Grateful that God is an On Time God.
Day 20: Grateful that I got to see my nephews that live in Texas.
Day 21: Grateful for God’s love, grace, and His word.
Day 22: Grateful for cool weather. Nothing like having the windows and doors open.
Day 23: Grateful for God’s beautiful scenery.
Day 24: Grateful for food to put on the table.
Day 25: Grateful for Craft Supplies – This girl loves her crafts.
Day 26: Grateful for my in laws. They love me like their own.
Day 27: Grateful that I got to see some of my extended family.
Day 28: Grateful for family time playing cards.
Day 29: Grateful for a business that will hopefully help us financially.
Day 30: Grateful for reliable vehicles and safe travels.

Gratitude is the path that makes you close to Jesus.

We must not just be thankful at Thanksgiving, but throughout the year.

What are you thankful for this year?

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